UK LLP formation

If you are planning to establish a representative company in Western Europe, United Kingdom LLP can be the proper choice.

This company can be ideal for enterprises in the IT territory, webshops, advisor or consultant companies.

In the United Kingdom the startup companies are supported by the goverment, they don’t have to choose predetermined scopes of activities, the banks provide prosperous credits and the bureaucracy is manageable.

 Limited Liabilty partnership

At least two individual or existent legal entities can register this enterprise. The only restrictions is that the company has to practise legal business activity for gaining profit.

It cannot be a dormant or financially inactive company. Even the company is not active, it is obligated to submit financial report to the company court.


UK bank accounts cannot be opened remotely. Clients have to visit the bank at least once. Alternatively we offer remote bank account opening in other European countries for our clients.

Taxation for United Kingdom LLP-s

If the shareholders of the LLP are not UK citizens and doesn’t practise business activities in the territory of the United Kingdom, the company doesn’t have to pay tax in the UK, the company has to pay taxes in the shareholders’ tax resident country.

The United Kingdom LLPs are not obligated prepare annual accounts to the tax authorities, however they have to submit simplified financial statement to the company court.