Malaysian (Labuan) company formation

For Financial, Service and Trading Companies we recommend Malaysia-Labuan because Malaysia has many agreements against dual taxation, it has very straight system about financial service companies and the Malaysia-Labuan has special tax regime that is very unique:


Malaysian companies have to pay 3% corporate tax and have to prepare bookkeeping and audit BUT!:

In case the company pays the maximum annual corporate tax which is 20.000 Malaysian Ringgit (about 5000 Usd) then the tax case is closed automatically and the company doesn’t have to audit the books which means that the owners save a lot of time and money.

Bookkeeping for every 250 transactions COSTS 850 USDD

Malaysia has double taxation avoiding agreements with many countries in the World.

!!!!!!!!It is sufficient if the DIRECTOR of the company informs the TAX OFFICE ONCY ANNUALLY about the operations in the previous tax year.!!!!!

Presently there is no such an online public company register which contains the personal information of the owner/manager of the company. However the owner/manager can obtain a certificate of the ownership through a registered agent any time.

We incorporate Malaysia-Labuan companies with the following services: 3 week Malaysia-Labuan incorporation, one year registered agent service, Notarized company documents, share certificates, nominee shareholder service if needed, nominee director service, apostilled POA for beneficial owners, deed of trust for beneficial owners, corporate kit for the company documents. Our fee for the above services is 2,500 Usd.

The renewal fee is 2,450 USD which should be paid in the 12th months after the foundation. The fee includes the state tax, compulsory secretary service, management service, 1 year registered office service.

We can open bank account for your company remotely in Liechtenstein and Kuala Lumpur or personally in Labuan for 500 Usd/bank account.

Should you need financial license for your company below you find the available Malaysian financial licenses: ( The above tax limit applies for the companies which are disposed with the following financial licenses)

Insurance Broker licence

FX Broker licence

Factoring licence

Investment Banking licence (credit, fx trading, investments, cannot collect deposit!)

Insurance licence

Labuan Mutual Fund licence




Incorporation of License Company whose paid up Capital less than Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 1 Million

+ Name Reservation

+ Registered Office Address

+ 1 Bank Account Opening

+ 1 Year Government Fee

+ License Application to LFSA


LFSA License Application Fee (One Application Fee Only) but do Not include

+ LFSA Submission Fee

+ LFSA Annual License Fee


Second year annual fee for License Company


Incorporation & Annual Fee of a Foreign Registered Company in Labuan whose paid up Capital less than Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 50,000

+ Name Reservation

+ Registered Office Address

+ 1 Year Government Fee


Second year annual fee for Foreign Registered Company